A List of AI Tools for Earning Extra Income

100 Useful Prompts of Meta ai

1. Generate a summary of a long piece of text
2. Create a poem on a given topic
3. Translate text from one language to another
4. Offer suggestions for gift ideas
5. Write a short story together with the user
6. Create a computer program to solve a problem
7. Provide definitions for technical terms
8. Generate ideas for creative projects
9. Assist with writing and proofreading
10. Provide news updates on a given topic
11. Create a chatbot conversation scenario
12. Write a script for a video or film
13. Develop a content marketing strategy
14. Generate a product description
15. Offer SEO optimization suggestions
16. Create a social media post or tweet
17. Write a blog article on a given topic
18. Generate a list of keywords for research
19. Provide explanations for complex concepts
20. Create a how-to guide or tutorial
21. Write a press release or news article
22. Develop a mobile app idea
23. Generate a list of potential business names
24. Create a product review or comparison
25. Offer suggestions for website design
26. Write a case study or success story
27. Generate a list of industry trends
28. Create a survey or questionnaire
29. Develop a marketing campaign strategy
30. Write a whitepaper or technical report
31. Generate a list of potential investors
32. Create a pitch deck or presentation
33. Offer suggestions for data analysis
34. Write a research paper or thesis
35. Generate a list of relevant research papers
36. Create a SWOT analysis or business plan
37. Develop a social media marketing strategy
38. Generate a list of potential customers
39. Create a product launch plan
40. Write a user manual or instructions
41. Generate a list of industry events
42. Create a trade show or exhibition plan
43. Develop a content calendar
44. Generate a list of influencers or thought leaders
45. Create a crisis communication plan
46. Write a media kit or press release
47. Generate a list of potential partners
48. Create a joint venture or partnership plan
49. Develop a public relations strategy
50. Write a speech or presentation
51. Generate a list of industry awards
52. Create a nomination or entry form
53. Develop a thought leadership strategy
54. Generate a list of speaking engagement opportunities
55. Create a conference or event plan
56. Write a book or ebook
57. Generate a list of potential publishers
58. Create a book marketing plan
59. Develop a self-publishing strategy
60. Write an article or blog post
61. Generate a list of relevant blogs or publications
62. Create a guest blogging plan
63. Develop a content upgrade strategy
64. Generate a list of industry podcasts
65. Create a podcast guesting plan
66. Write a video script or treatment
67. Generate a list of potential video topics
68. Create a video marketing plan
69. Develop a YouTube strategy
70. Write a social media policy
71. Generate a list of social media tools
72. Create a social media analytics report
73. Develop a social media crisis plan
74. Write a website terms and conditions
75. Generate a list of website design elements
76. Create a website development plan
77. Develop a website optimization strategy
78. Write a landing page or sales copy
79. Generate a list of potential landing page topics
80. Create a landing page optimization plan
81. Develop a pay-per-click advertising strategy
82. Write a Google Ads campaign
83. Generate a list of potential ad targeting options
84. Create an ad retargeting plan
85. Develop a Facebook Ads strategy
86. Write a Facebook Ads campaign
87. Generate a list of potential Facebook targeting options
88. Create a Facebook retargeting plan
89. Develop a LinkedIn Ads strategy
90. Write a LinkedIn Ads campaign
91. Generate a list of potential LinkedIn targeting options

92. Write a programming language for a dj software
93. Generate how to cook Ghana Jolof
94. Create a daily workout routine for me
95. Do a todo list for me to celebrate my 50th birthday
96. Write names 11 all time best football players 
97. Generate a list of cities that are friendly and nice to visit
98. Generate a software to be a potential ally to meta.ai
99. Create a full blog post of how to use meta ai to grow business
100. Develop a website to be the next meta.ai